For all your travel needs, Austins Luggage Department has it all.  From rucksacks and hold-alls to wheeled cases and suit protectors, to luggage that will keep the young traveller entertained.  Whether it is just for a weekend away or the trip of a lifetime, we have what you need.  We also stock a wide range of accessories for the travel-wise.  Straps and locks to secure your luggage and tags to easily identify, money belts and waterproof pouches to keep your valuables safe, flight socks for your comfort and travel adaptors.  View our range in store from the leading travel brands.

 Antler Luggage Suitcases




Every journey has different needs so Antler has produced a range to cover everything.  Stylish yet practical, lightweight but sturdy, good value for money and with innovative design.  Available in a range of colours, sizes, and designs, you can travel in style.

Also by Antler, we have the Revelation range.  Bold colours and patterns will ensure your case stands out in the crowd as well as making a fashion statement, all while still allowing you to make the most of your baggage allowance with super lightweight construction.



Design & Co

Offering a wide range of travel accessories from lock to plugs.

 Skyflite London Luggage Suitcases




Modern and diverse, the Skyflite range delivers quality, value and excellence, allowing you to travel in style.  In Austins Luggage Department, we offer a wide range of options and styles to suit whatever the destination.

Skypak from Skyflite is an innovative collection of bags which fold for convenience and easy storage and travel.

Trespass is a versatile lightweight casual style for the adventurous traveller with ample storage as well as stowaway rucksack straps..

Skyflite does a range of durable cases for the young traveller, bright and colourful with fun animal characters.

We also stock a range of cases designed with the needs of the business traveller in mind.  Durable yet stylish and with secure padded storage for laptops, ideal for the travelling professional.