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Hasbro - Beehive Surprise - B5355Hasbro - Beehive Surprise - B5355
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Hasbro - Beehive Surprise - B5355
Grab as much honeycomb as you can without the honeybee jumping out on you! The player that the honeybee jumps out on, is out. The last one who doesn't have the bee jumping out on them wins! 2-4 Players, Suitable for ages: 4+, Requires 3 x 1.5V AA Batteries, Product code: B5355, Brand: Hasbro.
£19.99 £14.99
Hasbro - Bop It! Micro Series - B0639
Hasbro - Bop It! Micro Series - B0639
Take Bop It! on the move with the compact Micro Series game. Keep up with the action twisting, bopping and pulling in the sequence the game shows, on your own or with friends. Requires 2x AA batteries. For 1 or more players, ages 8+. Product Code: B0639. Brand: Hasbro
Hasbro - Connect 4 - A5640
Hasbro - Connect 4 - A5640
The original game of Connect 4! The classic grid has been given some tricked-out styling but the game hasn't changed – drop your counters (officially known as Kwods!) into the grid and try get 4 in a row either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Game contents: Grid, 2 legs, slider bar, 21 red counters, 21 yellow counters and game guide. For ages 6+.
Hasbro - Monopoly - Junior - A6984Hasbro - Monopoly - Junior - A6984
Hasbro - Monopoly - Junior - A6984
Hasbro Monopoly Junior is a fun way for kids to earn money! This fast trading game is full of fun surprises! 2-4 Players, Suitable for ages 5+, Product code: A6984, Brand: Hasbro.
Hasbro - Trivial Pursuit - 2000S - B7388Hasbro - Trivial Pursuit - 2000S - B7388
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Hasbro - Trivial Pursuit - 2000S - B7388
Have a fun night in with family and friends with Hasbro Trivial Pursuit 2000s! With update gameplay, players can now choose to answer a question or stump their opponents based on the topics on each card! 2-6 Players, Suitable for ages 16+, Product code: B7388, Brand: Hasbro.
£27.99 £24.99
Hasbro - Twister - 98831Hasbro - Twister - 98831
Hasbro - Twister - 98831
Hasbro Twister – The classic game with 2 more moves! Featuring a cool mat and spinner and the 2 new moves Air and Spinners Choice to rock the spots! Game contents: Twister mat, 1 spinner board with arrow and base and game instructions. For ages 6+.
Hasbro - Yahtzee - 00950Hasbro - Yahtzee - 00950
Hasbro - Yahtzee - 00950
Shake, score and shout in the classic dice-rolling game of Yahtzee. Roll out combinations to try for a full house or gamble everything on a Yahtzee – a five of a kind. The highest scorer is the winner. Suitable for 2+ players ages 8+. Product Code: 00950. Brand: Hasbro.