At Austins, we believe customers who pay a visit to our store deserve nothing but the best quality products and most enjoyable experience they can have.

That is the reason why we have spent 18 months researching the best coffee to serve to our customers. Eventually, we found what we were searching for and our new totally eco-friendly (lower CO2 emitting) machines are officially up and running for your pleasure in our 160-seater coffee shop, The Pine Room, which is located on the first floor of the Fashion Store.

The top-of-the-range machines were manufactured in Germany, a country famous for its engineering talents, while the integral grinding mechanism has been sourced from Switzerland for maximum quality. The fully computerised machines are able to create great tasting, fully customisable coffee in less time than traditional coffee made barista-style, ensuring you get the best quality drinks without the wait. No fuss, just great coffee.

We have a selection of coffees to choose from, including cappuccino, caffè latte, americano, espresso and filter coffee. Whether you like multiple shots, half a shot, froth or not, we can cater for all preferences to make sure you always enjoy your drink. Just ask at the counter.

High-quality Arabica beans, sourced from several countries and roasted darker than normal beans, create coffee with a wonderfully smooth texture combined with an amazingly rich, intensive aroma. The 100% Arabica beans are the most difficult to produce, but are worth the effort as they boast a discernible richness with a sharp acidity, followed by a mellow finish. The dark roasted beans are perfect for those who prefer their coffee to have a kick, with the end-product being a much more pleasing taste than that produced by the cheaper Robusta coffee beans.

Whether you’re joining us for a quick refreshment in a rush, a relaxing drink with a book in hand, or a well-needed catch up with old friends, we’re confident our great coffee, free WiFi, warm and friendly atmosphere, and large selection of soups, sandwiches, hot meals and sweet treats – including gluten free and vegetarian options – will make your visit a pleasant one. We hope the investment we have made to bring you the best coffee available will entice you in for a great time and an even greater coffee shop experience, whether you are already shopping with us or not. Therefore, we urge all you coffee lovers to come and try it for yourself.