We can’t go anywhere without luggage. For all your travel needs, Austins’ Luggage Department has it all. If you’re more of the hiking, backpacker around the Asian mountains kind of traveler then we have a range of rucksacks to choose from. Or if you’re the type who is going on a city break but needs something bigger than a rucksack, we have hold-alls, to wheeled cases and suit protectors, to luggage that will keep the young traveler entertained. Whether it is just for a weekend away or the trip of a lifetime, we have what you need to pack all of your worldly possessions.

We also stock a wide range of accessories for the travel-wise. Extra straps for your case, and locks to secure your luggage and tags to easily identify your bag from others; money belts and waterproof pouches to keep your valuables safe whilst you take a dip; flight socks for your comfort and travel adapters so you can stay fully charged. View our range in store from the leading travel brands.

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