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Explore the exciting world of chemistry with 100 amazing, safe, educational and fun experiments to follow using the detailed instruction booklet. The experiments cover a number of categories so that children can learn about gases, metals, acids, alkalis, salts, electrolytes, indicators, precipitates, crystals and lots more! This kit is an excellent introduction to science and supports the national curriculum. Contents: 11 chemicals, safety goggles, test tube brush, metal tongs, spirit burner, filter papers, spatula, watch glass, 4 test tubes, equipment rack, funnel, glass tubing, glass rod, rubber tubing, 2 drilled corks & 2 solid corks, flask, pipette, metal test tube holder, litmus paper, detailed instruction booklet. WARNING: Only for children over the age of 10 years. To be used solely under the strict supervision of an adult that has studied the precautions given in the experimental set. Read ALL instructions before use follow them and keep them for reference. Contains some chemicals that are classified as a safety hazard. Do not allow chemicals to come in contact with any part of the body, particularly mouth and eyes. Keep small children and animals away from experiments. Store the chemistry set out of the reach of small children. Eye protection for supervising adults is NOT included. Safety goggles must always be worn when carrying out experiments. For ages 10+

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