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Nutritive massage oil for nails. It is principally blood that nourishes the nail roots. Poor blood circulation, illness or even a ring which is too tight may obstruct blood flow and slow down nail growth. MAVADERMA is a nutritive oil which penetrates the layers of skin, thus feeding the nail’s matrix, activating blood circulation in the roots and promoting healthy nails. KEY INGREDIENTS: Wheat germ oil (nourishing, strengthening, rich in vitamin E), olive oil (restructuring) & sweet almond oil (emollient, regenerating, remineralising) HOW TO USE: Apply daily to the skin below the crescent of the nail. Massage, in circular movements to accelerate penetration. Leave on until completely absorbed. Precaution: Never apply MAVADERMA before nail polish, as it leaves an oily film on nails, thus weakening adherence of base coat and nail colour. Available in Sizes 5ml & 10ml


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