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The external factors of aggression for the skin(cold. Dry air, pollution, sun,…) affect more particularly the lips which are deprived of sebaceous glans. Lips dry out, lose firmness, their outline is altered, premature fine lines appear, letting the lipstick run. MAVALA TINTED LIP BALM nourishes, moisturizes and protects lips, while tinting them with one of the 4 available shades, light and flattering, which leave a delicious fragrance on the lips – Vanilla, Peach, Candy and Berry. The ultra fine and non sticky texture is a major advantage of this lip care, which restores comfort and elasticity. Its formula is based on a botanical complex with patterson’s curse oil, and heart seed and sunflower extracts, as well as sun protection facto (SPF 15), for a shield and soothing effect. Shea butter and aloe vera nourish and moisturize lips. Apricot extract, rich in provitamin A and vitamin E, protects them. This lip care is also suitable for very dry lips and children (above 3 years old) Use without moderation for supple and soft lips!

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