You will be surprised what getting crafty can do for your mind, body and soul; letting your imagination free and seeing what concoction you can put on paper, or through a needle. At Austins you can get creative with arts & crafts, with imaginative and creative toys, funky tools, and sets to inspire young minds. It can be anything, from colouring, painting, sewing and modelling toys, they all make for hours of entertainment and fun. And when you’ve finished your new creation, you can put it on show for all to see, you will probably surprise yourself at how relaxing it is. Give it a go!

We have an abundant selection of arts and crafts, as well as a variety of toys which are available in store today. If it’s colour you’re looking for, we have everything from felt tip pens to water colour paints; playdoh for making crazy looking objects and sewing kits to embroider or even learn how to knit; there’s something to inspire each and everyone of you, even if you’re a reluctant crafter!

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Toy Store, 8-12 Wolborough Street, TQ12 1JJ

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