Games & Puzzles: Whether you’re having a relaxing evening to yourself or you’re hosting a family and friends games night, we have engaging games and puzzling puzzles in Store at Austins. If you enjoy a challenge then there’s a whole host of fantastically detailed puzzles for adults and children alike, ranging in the amount of pieces. We have pictures and designs that suit all ages from big pieced, brightly coloured puzzles to appeal to young children, to complex 1000+ piece puzzles designed to tease the mind and occupy the older ones of you for hours on end; together with storage mats and boards to keep your puzzles safe and sturdy so your pieces don’t go walkabouts.

There’s nothing better on Christmas Day than the whole family getting together for an exciting game after dinner; you will be spoilt for choice with the amazing selection of traditional board games such as Monopoly, magic and mystery games, including modern games that include slime and flashing lights and children’s games available in store. The perfect way to spend a rainy day and enjoy some family time with lots of fun games & puzzles!

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