Bath time is a great time for your child to explore their senses; from feeling the water on his or her skin, to taking the time to engage with 'floating toys' sensory activities. Not only that, but ensuring children take a bath means it gives them the time to wind down and get clean before the end of the day.

Apart from being great for learning, they also provide your child with a unique playing experience. 'Play' is a way that children learn, and by having these bath toys, it enhances the chances of his/her improving their fine motor development and motivation.


Children love to make a splash in the bath, and this toy has it all. Not only does it splash, but give it a spin and see the octopuses go round and round. The Octopals have friendly funny faces children and their parents will love, providing you with endless amounts of fun. Spin & Splash Octopals promotes the development of essential motor skills and hand-eye coordination too!


This is a great toy to develop your imagination. This 4 in 1 set stars four colourful, lovable critters who come from who-knows-where under the sea. You can stack them, balance them and have so much fun with them. It's great for small children who are perhaps a little anxious - with this they can develop their fine motor skills too!

Toomies - Seaside Splashers - E73221


Splash & Rescue Helicopter is a colourful, floating bath helicopter that is sure to let your child's imagination run free. Give him a squeeze underwater and he’ll come up squirting water from his mouth. This is a wonderful toy for young children to gain their confidence in the water and develop learning skills.

Splash & Rescue Helicopter - E73305C


This swimming turtle will bring so much fun and laughter to bath time. Some children don't like going in the bath, but this is sure to get them motivated to splash around! This hilarious turtle hums to Beautiful Blue Danube when swimming on his back and gargles the tune when swimming on his front. How funny is that?

TOMY - Swim n Sing Turtle - E2712


Rudi the Elephant is your forever bath time pal. This crazy elephant absolutely loves splashing around the tub and having so much fun. Let your child run away with their imagination - dunk Rudi into the tub and fill up his tummy with water – watch out – when you squeeze Rudi he’ll sing and squirt water out of his trunk.


Turn bath times musical with these fun dolphins! Your child will love the musical fun - simply touch the dolphins head and hear the pretty music come out. Who said bath time had to be boring!

TOMY - Do Rae Mi Dolphins - E6528


All hands on deck! Your little one will absolutely love the Sea Rescue Set. This set is perfect for your child to gain confidence in water, and also have fun with it! The red helicopter’s rounded, chunky design is easy for little hands to handle and is topped by a spinning blue rotor kids can fill with water.

Sea Rescue Set - E73307C

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