At Austins, we strive to deliver the highest quality goods for our customers in an ethical, sustainable, energy-efficient way. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Austins has already installed energy-saving LED lighting in the fashion store and the new menswear store, and is in the process of installing more across all other departments. These lights reduce energy-consumption and high electricity bills.  We have also installed Voltage Optimisation – an energy saving technology which reduces supply voltage and makes substantial efficiency saving and reduces electricity consumption. No energy is wasted.


Austins has worked with a local company, Devon Eco Energy, to install solar panels on the roofs of its buildings. We are proud to confirm that the huge amount of time and money this cost is absolutely worth it. The solar panels now provide power across 3 of our department stores, producing up to 220KW per hour of electricity , including the main store, menswear, toy and furniture stores.  We hope that other businesses will be inspired by the success of our energy-saving solar panel installation. We are happy to be using renewable solar energy that is constantly replenished and won’t run out.


Energy isn’t wasted, and neither is our rubbish! Austins is very aware of the importance of recycling and we like to practise what we preach!

We recycle 100% of our plastic, paper, cans and glass. Our furniture, carpets and bedding are all recycled with the Furniture Recycling Company.

We recycle our food, our electrics, anything that is possible to recycle, we recycle.

All New Electric Van

Austin’s new all electric van for our Carpet Measuring and Estimating services is a further step in our investment in environmentally friendly policies across the business.

The new 100% electric van replaces a diesel engine van, with all the benefits that brings to the environment.

Austins has invested in policies to benefit the environment for a number of years, including the installation of LED lighting in all its buildings, and the addition of solar panels. This has resulted in a reduction of up to 65% in electricity usage saving many tons of carbon emissions each year.

Austins is fully committed to recycling as much as possible. All cardboard, plastics, glass and metal are separated for recycling. Waste food is taken away to be composted. Old beds and upholstery are sent away for stripping down and recycling. Old carpet is baled and sent away to be used in waste to heat plants. There is little Austins does not recycle.

Austins is keen to be environmentally aware in all the activities it is involved in as a business, and is very pleased to have made this latest change from a diesel to a fully electric van for Carpet Measuring and Estimating.