Enjoy healthy eating with EasiYo

It just takes 5 minutes to make delicious yogurt with a EasiYo Yogurt Maker and ready to eat in 8-12 hours. With no preservatives or artificial are added plus gluten free & vegetarian. Sachets sold separately.

The EasiYo Yogurt sachets come in many different flavours (for example, low fat Greek) it is a milk powder and contains active cultures.

3 Easy Steps

  1.  Half fill with tepid water (15-20C) add the contents of the chosen sachet then securely put on the lid and shake well, add more water to fill up to the line and shake again.
  2. Push the red plastic spacer right down into the Yogurt Maker and pour boiling hot water to the top of the spacer.
  3. Place the jar inside the yogurt maker and twist on the lid. Leave for 8-12 hours or until set (up to 24 hours is fine) Once made remove jar and store in the fridge.


If you are unavailable to come in Store at the moment EasiYo is now available to buy Online.

Post By Karen Berry