'Sleep quality that's out of this world'

Moonraker pride themselves in producing mattresses and beds in high quality materials and components to suit the needs of every modern person.

They have heavily researched the demand for certain styles to be able to cater for all desires.  A high level of tailoring is ensured by their team of experienced mattress and divan technicians.

Visit our Bed department in Store today to view the Moonraker mattresses and divan beds in a variety of styles with different storage combinations to suit all necessities and demands.

We are proud the stock the Moonraker and Seaqual collaboration mattress the Seaqual 3000 pocket sprung.  This mattress is special as it is made from recycled plastics which have been removed from the ocean.  The Seaqual initiative pays fishermen to bring ashore the plastic that they bring up in their nets, instead of throwing it back into the ocean.

The plastic is then melted down and made into pellets, which is then made into fibres.  The 100% recycled plastic fibres are then used to make the yarn for the Seaqual mattress.

If you are unavailable to come in Store at the moment you can call our Beds department on 01626 324445 located on the 1st floor of our Furniture Store, and we will be happy to help with any bed enquiries.

Post By Alice Bluejay