The Healthy Back Bag features an intelligent and unique design and extraordinary variety

The biggest selling feature of the Healthy Back Bag (HBB) is that it is a single strapped bag that doesn't kill your back.  It is the alternative to the traditional two strap rucksack design.  You may not be able to use the two strap design due to health reasons or, like many people you may find traditional rucksacks bulky and uncomfortable and there is a worry that some designs don't keep your valuables safe.

Your HBB will feature a full length double zip that always sits against your back no matter which way you wear your bag.  This safety feature means that your bag will only be accessible for you and can even be accessed without taking the bag off of your back when you need to get inside it.

Different textiles are used across the HBB design collection to offer a wider range of choice for you.  The original design was created in leather but the collection now includes nylon, microfibre and polyester.  The fabric is tightly woven to create a waterproof covering for the essentials inside your bag.

It is recommended that you choose the smallest bag for your needs.  The most popular size is the Small HBB and this will carry daily essentials like your phone, purse or wallet, keys, cosmetics, water bottle, sunglasses, medication and even a mini umbrella with ease.  The internal pockets of the bag are cleverly designed to make the most of the space as well as evenly distributing the weight of the items inside the bag so that it is easy and comfortable to carry.  If you are wanting to carry electrical items or books inside your bag then the medium and large HBB options have an internal sleeve suitable for carrying either an iPad, netbook or Kindle.

Each bag is expected to give the wearer several years of use as long as the correct care instructions are followed.  A two year manufacturing guarantee is offered with the purchase of each bag.

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Post By Alice Bluejay