Beautifully illustrated botanical designs inspired by blooming wildflowers

The Voyage Edenmuir collection is an abundant array of fabrics which showcase the timeless natural beauty of vibrant, blooming floral's in watercolour hues.

Take inspiration from the lively mix of floral's to bring energetic and joyful designs into your home.

Voyage aim to bring a contemporary and country feel to your home with their artistic designs.  Voyage utilise British woven cotton, linen and wools to translate their artwork into fabrics and home accessories. A substantial part of their collections are manufactured here in the UK as they are firmly committed to support and develop

local manufacturing.

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The Voyage Edenmuir Collection can be found in our Soft Furnishings department on the 2nd floor of our Home Store.

If you are unable to come in Store at the moment you can call our Soft Furnishing department on 01626 324432 for further information

Post By Alice Bluejay